In today’s volatile markets, business energy contract offers can be withdrawn when the market experiences as little as 1% movement. Swift and accurate collation and assessment of energy suppliers’ offers is essential to secure the best energy prices.

LPG Utilities has excellent relationships with all energy suppliers and because we are completely independent, we can assess the maximum possible number of offers for comparison, ensuring that the best energy rates are achieved and contracts secured. LPG Utilities works closely with clients to fully understand their business gas and electricity needs in order to secure the best energy rates.

Our services include:

Gaining Market Focus – presenting a comprehensive picture of the market, contractual options and financial comparisons with a range of contracts to suit different needs including fully fixed, part fixed part floating and spot purchasing.

Providing Purchasing Options – in addition to traditional fixed price contracts, LPG Utilities has made significant savings for clients through the increasing opportunities for purchasing energy with flexible contracts.

Choosing the Energy Source – a review of the energy purchase from brown field sites, ‘green’ contracts and energy delivered from renewable sources, which carry no climate change levy costs.

Managing the Documentation – LPG Utilities checks contractual documentation before signing off by the client to ensure business energy prices, payment period and terms & conditions are as agreed, including the provision of any added value services. We actively provide advice in connection with terms and conditions and ‘minimum energy takes’ will be based upon our considerable experience and industry best practice.

Managing Contract Change – the administrative burden that can arise from contract changes is completely removed with our dedicated team of energy consultants ensuring that there is a smooth transfer between contracts, that the new rates are implemented correctly and that the administration is handled for our clients.

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